Proceeds from the sale of Utopia are in aid of the Holly Scholarship

Proceeds from the sale of Peter Cowlam’s novella Utopia are in aid of the Holly Scholarship, a fund set up in honour of Holly Cowlam, the author’s daughter-in-law, who as a young woman of twenty-eight took her own life in the July of 2018.

Holly Cowlam dedicated her life to working with children with autism, and had the specific aim of bringing Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) into the mainstream. ABA is a therapy based on the scientific analysis of learning and behaviour. Its practitioners apply acute understanding of how behaviour functions, of how it is affected by environmental factors, and of how learning is actuated. The purpose of ABA is to augment behaviours that are helpful, and to diminish those that are either harmful or adversely affect learning.

For Holly, ABA had proved its efficacy with early intervention and individualised programmes for children living with autism. Her main area of professional activity was where autism spectrum disorder (ASD) had been diagnosed. Above all Holly was a committed advocate of ABA, strongly supporting its potential to create a secure, positive environment in the teaching of functional living and the nurturing of communication skills, so important to the children in her care.

Sadly Holly had been suffering from anxiety and depression, and on 9 July 2018 decided to end her life. There are many unanswered questions surrounding that decision. It perhaps will never be known what depths she had entered, and by what feelings she was driven. Nevertheless Holly never lost her passion for her work, having taken on the task of guiding all those who came under her supervision to the best of opportunities, through an education promoting maximum outcomes, no matter the challenge. She inspired others with passion and positivity, and brought out the best in those she worked with. The Holly Scholarship, initiated by her husband Jack Cowlam, is aimed at providing yearly ABA scholarships for children living with autism.

Proceeds from the sale of Utopia will go to that cause. Holly Cowlam, 13 February 1990 – 9 July 2018.

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